The Easiest, Cheapest, Most Effective Way to go Green

Being green isn’t always easy. There’s a million products and services claiming to be green, many just greenwashing, and knowing where to put your money is tough. But starting with the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions makes a lot of sense.

Electricity and heat generation created 41% of fossil fuel related carbon dioxide emissions in 2010. The average home uses 1000kWh hours of electricity per month, which generates 12420 lbs of CO2 for a PSE customer (PSE is a large Washington state energy utility). PSE power is actually greener than many other electricity providers as about a third of the power is hydro, but the other two thirds is mostly coal and natural gas.

While getting solar panels on your roof is a great solution, it isn’t viable for everyone – you may not get enough sun, have an HOA, live in an apartment, etc.

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Chinook Book Now At Costco

The Chinook Book is like the Entertainment Book for the eco friendly crowd. Coupons galore for local groceries, restaurants, home goods, and activities.

Every year we’ve saved hundreds on everything from gym memberships, bike stuff, home goods, clothes, groceries, and dining.

Normally Chinook Books are $22 but they’re available now (at least at the Issaquah Costco) for just $13.99. Saving money with the Chinook Book is a no-brainer since there’s a number of $5 off grocery coupons – if you go to the grocery stores listed in the book, you’ll always save more than the book cost. I always get three =).


Have a Field Day at PCC

PCC markets in Seattle have always been a winner for being eco friendly but not always cheap. However PCC has just introduced their new house brand “Field Day” and for the month of September have some great sales.

Aside from seemingly everything being organic the cans are BPA free. Some of my favorite picks on sale are:

$.79 canned beans

$1.99 jar of pasta sauces

$1 snack bars (like kind bars)

$3.49 jar of peanut butter (18oz)

$2.25 salad dressing (8oz)

Needless to say these are some killer deals – I stocked up and might have to get more! Don’t forget if you’re spending $50 or more, combine with a $5 off Chinook Book coupon!