PSE Will Pay Half Your Insulation Upgrade

With the recent purchase of a 1980 built home one of the problems we found during the inspection was a hot mess of an attic – no ducting of the new bath fans installed in the remodel, airflow issues, and just a few inches of insulation.

While I tend to DIY many projects, spending a day in a hot attic figuring all this out isn’t my idea of a good time. Turns out PSE however will pay half your insulation bill up to $600 and $100 for air sealing. So in my case PSE paid $644.57 to bring my R9 insulation up to current R49 standards and air seal the attic.

Now if you read my blog I usually have in-depth analyses of the cost/benefit. In this case I wasn’t willing to wait a winter to see the heating bills. But what I can tell you is according to upgrading insulation from R9 to R49 can save upwards of $600/year. While that seems high for NW heating bills – even assuming half those savings I’ll have ROI in about two years and a more comfortable home.

Not to forget the environmental impact – if you have natural gas heat on average that produces 6,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Even a modest decrease in gas use with increased insulation can cut over a thousand of pounds of CO2 annually.

Not sure what you need for your home? PSE offers free in-home energy assessments, where they’ll assess your whole home’s energy use – insulation, heating, cooling, hot water, etc and help you with rebates and contractor referrals. They’ll even install 20 free LED bulbs, faucet aerators, and give you two new “high performance” (which sounds so much better than low flow) showerheads.

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